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Aussies Early Bird Entry

Early Birdy entries for Aussies close on the 14th of February. This means a $50 discount on the normal entry fee per person. The club once again offers the privilege of paying for entry fees. Given that NC generally enters in excess of 100 competitors for Aussies being held over east, we are expecting almost double this for our home Aussies. You can do the rough math here but we stand to save a significant amount of money on Aussies entries if we get them in before the 14th.

Please fill in the following form here if you intend on racing at this years Aussies at Scarborough Beach.

North Cott Competitors Excel in the East

North Cott competitors returned to their traditional tour of the Manly and Freshwater carnivals last weekend.

The results give cause for an optimistic championship series!

The beach results are as follows:

Matt Lloyd 5th Open Sprint

Kali Grayson 4th Open Flags and the 3rd female relay

Tom Hodgkin 4th open flags, 6th open sprint

Open females strongly representing with 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th in the open flags and 3rd , 5th, 6th and 7th in the open sprint.


In the water, we had Kyra Tierney, Eddie Davis, Delta Cross and Charlie Davis taking part in the individual board, swim and iron, as well as the Cameron and Board Relay.

Results as follows:

Charlie Davis:

U15 Surf Race Final

U15 Board Race Semi

Eddie Davis:

U15 Surf Race Final

U15 Iron Semi

Charlie and Eddie Davis Team Events:

U15 Board Relay Final

U15 Cameron Final

Delta Cross:
U15 Surf Race – 8th
U15 Iron Semi Final

Kyra Tierney:
U15 Surf Race – 4th
U15 Ironwoman – Semi Final

Delta and Kyra Team Events:
Board Relay – Final
Cameron Relay – Final

For all results see here.

Trigg Nipper Carnival Results

Our nippers took part in their second carnival of the season. With Nipper State Qualifiers around the corner, some encouraging performances helped the team to second place overall.

See here for full results.