Beach Sprint

The beach sprint and beach relay events are straightforward races over the relevant distance. Up to 10 competitors per race can start with the winner being the first person whose chest crosses the line. In the beach relay, team members are expected to exchange a baton (usually a small length of garden hose) at the end of each leg.

Beach Flags

The beach flags event requires competitors to lay on their stomachs facing away from a series of “flags” (short pieces of garden hose) placed in the sand. On the sound of a whistle competitors stand up, turn and race to collect one of the flags. The number of flags available will generally be one less than the number of competitors involved though in some instances, if there a large number of participants, more than one person may be eliminated at a time.

North Cott boasts a very rich history in the beach events and still to this day have a very strong presence at State, National and International level.

Tom Nolan

Sprint Captain