Past Office Bearers

Throughout the club’s history there have been many members willing to serve on the club’s Committee, or Board of Management, as it is now known. There have been times when members have served many seasons due to a lack of numbers, and times when we have been spoiled for choice. Regardless of the era, the people who donate their time to lead the club are invaluable. The pdf attached lists the people who have helped shaped the club through its history up until the Committee evolved into its current structure in 2005 / 2006.

Committee History prior to BOM change

YearPresidentTreasurerCaptainGovernance & StrategyJuniorsEducationAssetsLife SavingClub ServicesSurf Sports
2017/18I ClarkeL PalmerN BenjanuvatraD UlbrickK CarboneD CowdellS McConkeyP ClaudiusM ShepherdL Barker
2016/2017I ClarkeD AndrewN BenjanuvatraS KnowlesK CarboneD CowdellS McConkeyK WallisM ShepherdJ O’Mahony
2015/2016C ShellabearD AndrewN BenjanuvatraS KnowlesG Ventouras & K CarboneJ WoodwardA RidderhofK WallisM ShephardJ O’Mahony
2014/2015C ShellabearD AndrewT FlowerS KnowlesG VentourasT Carmody & J WoodwardA RidderhofM PatonA Robson M ShepherdL Ridderhof
2013/2014C ShellabearD AndrewT FlowerR BrunoG VentourasT CarmodyA RidderhofM PatonA RobsonL Ridderhof
2012/2013C Smith-GanderK JohnsT FlowerR BrunoB HunterT CarmodyB EndersbyM PatonA RobsonL Ridderhof
2011/2012C Smith-GanderK JohnsJ PolinelliR BrunoB HunterT CarmodyB EndersbyD Walser & S YatesD YatesL Lang
2010/2011C Smith-GanderK JohnsJ PolinelliR BrunoD AndrewM CarterB EndersbyD WalserL Gladwell
2009/2010C Smith-GanderK JohnsJ PolinelliN ReaD AndrewM CarterB EndersbyR BrunoL Gladwell
2008/2009C Smith-GanderK JohnsT Sheehy & L LangN ReaD AndrewM CarterB EndersbyR BrunoL Gladwell
2007/2008C Smith-GanderK JohnsT SheehyA TietzelS CooteJ ScovellB EndersbyR BrunoS Fast
2006/2007C Smith-GanderK JohnsT SheehyA TietzelS CooteJ ScovellB EndersbyR BrunoJ Ridderhof
2005/2006A McKenzieM BeechJ McLaughlinB EndersbyC Smith-GanderL GladwellT MorcombeR BrunoM Petrie