Member Protection

NCSLSC is committed to ensuring that our club is a safe and welcoming place for all members - and particularly children and young people.

As an SLSA and SLSWA affiliated club, our members are bound by the policies of the parent organisations. Members should familiarise themselves with the SLSA policies which can be found here. 


Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs)

A Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is responsible for the provision of information about a person’s rights, responsibilities and options when an individual is making a complaint or concern. MPIOs are impartial; they do not mediate or investigate complaints, they simply provide information regarding the complaints process.

NCSLSC has three MPIOs who can be contacted at


Working with Children Check (WWC)

SLSWA and NCSLSC are bound by state legislation in relation to WWCs. Under SLSWA’s member screening policy, all general duties volunteer members (who are aged 18 and over) and all paid employees of affiliated clubs and SLSWA, will require a working with children check, unless exempt. 

WWC forms can be obtained from the NCSLSC Office during business hours. Once submitted at an Australia Post Office, receipts can be forwarded to the NCSLSC office which will allow members to carry out volunteer work until the club receives notification of the check.

No member may carry out volunteer work until they:

  1. Have submitted their application and have presented the lodgment receipt to the NCSLSC office.
  2. Hold a current WWC Card.

Useful Information:

Do I need a WWC Check? 

How to Apply 

Renewing your WWC Card


Child Safe Policy

All NCSLSC Members must act in accordance with the SLSA Child Safe Policy, which includes an obligation to:

  • So far as is reasonably practicable, protect children and young people from all forms of abuse, bullying and exploitation.
  • Report any concerning behaviour or reasonable belief of abuse or neglect to a Person in a Position of Authority and/or to external authorities such as the Police.