Member Facilities

Club Rooms

The club rooms are located upstairs in the club with great internal and external space, kitchen, store rooms, office and of course the fantastic view. Members may use the courtyard for informal drinks or BBQ’s but must first get permission from the General Manager. The Club does not hire out its facilities for private functions but we do occasional have corporate groups for meetings during our office hours, please CLICK HERE for more information.

Change Rooms

The male and female change rooms are downstairs near the gym with showers and changing areas are for MEMBERS ONLY. The change rooms are accessible with a swipe card or pin code. The pin code is changed regularly and is advertised in the North Cott Newsletter.


The gym is located downstairs in the Club and is complete with all the strength and cardio training equipment needed. There are rowing machines, cycles, swim training machine, ski paddling strength training machines, various weight machines, free weights, medicine balls and a stretching area. It also has a great view for inspiration while training. Note that there is a lot of specialist equipment in the gym which our elite athletes use. Between the hours of 4:30pm and 7:30pm during the week the elite athletes have priority use of the gym. The gym is strictly for MEMBERS ONLY and is monitored by North Cott Life members, Board members and employees. If you bring a non-member into the gym your membership will be suspended immediately until the Board of Management reviews the case. Any non-member in the gym will be automatically blacklisted from joining the Club. Members must be over the age of 16 to use the gym.

Patrol Room/First Aid Room

This is located at the front of the club in close proximity to the beach ready for all patrolling requirements and any emergency needs. The first aid room is fully equipped ready for any emergency situation. This is where you meet your patrol captain at the beginning of any North Cott beach patrol.

Boat Shed

The boat shed stores the Club’s surf boats which are in continuous use by the Club’s many boat crews. The Boat Shed also houses Lifesaving equipment which is integral to the running of the Club.

Ski/Board Shed

The ski shed is located at the front of the club, to the south of the boat shed. There are many racks for skis but the space is at a premium and is reserved for club members who compete, or who use their skis regularly. There is an annual fee to use a ski rack and a rack must be allocated by the ski captain. If you are interested in storing your ski in the shed please contact Alex McKenzie on 0419 924 563

IRB/Juniors Shed

The IRB/Juniors shed houses the club’s IRB’s (inflatable rescue boats) which are used for IRB patrols, training and education. This shed also houses equipment for Nippers.