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Our Beach

North Cottesloe's beach extends from Eric Street in the south to Grant St in the north.

During the summer the club enters into an agreement with Cottesloe Council to patrol the beach on set days of the week including weekends and public holidays. On those particular days the club's patrolling members can, and do, go beyond our boundaries if required to. Usually considered a safe beach, there is a reef directly in front of the club as well as to the north. Beach conditions change often and it is important to check with the patrolling members where it is safe to swim.

The red & yellow flags will be placed where the lifeguards want to you go so please adhere to their instructions.



Life Saving Requirements 

Being a surf lifesaver and being an active member of a club can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. By following the below membership requirements, we help ensure the club runs smoothly and continues to provide an outstanding service to our community. See the requirements for your membership below:



View Season Roster


Patrol Teams

NCSLSC moved to a rostered patrol system at the beginning of the 2022/23 season. Although this is a more rigid structure flexibility will still remain with facilitated patrol swap options. 

We have 20 patrol teams that active bronze medallion and SRC holders will be added into. 

The purpose of these patrol teams is to ensure our beach remains save with the appropriate amount of patrolling members and the create a positive and friendly environment when patrolling.


Patrol Teams & Season Roster


Specialist Lifesaving Teams

Not all beach patrols have teams rostered to them, public holidays and event patrols like the Abalone Patrols are volunteer based. Abalone and other event patrols provide an opportunity to consolidate lifesaving skills in an environment different to North Cottesloe Beach.

You can view and sign up for these patrols below.

Public Holiday & Abalone Patrols

Service Hours

Members who contribute to the operational capability of the club including Lifesaving, Education as well as coaching, maintenance or other service may be eligible for service hours.

Active members can complete up to 75% of their required patrol hours with other service. Section Captains, Board Members or the Club Manager must approve these in advance.

Other Services

Water Safety and Higher Awards

Members with Inflatable Rescue Boat or Rescue Water Craft qualifications have greater flexibility in choosing when and where they complete their service. We also need qualified lifesavers to provide water safety for Nipper Sundays.

If you are interested in gaining these qualifications, already have them or want to provide help with Nipper Water Safety, please email the section captains below.

IRB Patrols: Lachlan Flanders-Farmer,

RWC (Jet ski) Patrols: David Kordic,

Water Safety/AGM Patrols: Alex Marsden,