Lifesaving Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have been injured outside of surf club but still want to patrol. I can’t run on the beach nor get in the water due to my injury. How can I still patrol?

Answer: You can still patrol! There is a non active position on each patrol which mans the Patrol Tower. This position provides a look out and general over watch on the beach and water. This is a vital and important position to the patrol as it situated in an elevated position on the club balcony. The Patrol Tower gives a greater field of vision and can provide direction to the IRB or foot patrol to members of public who require attention.

Question: I want to do more for the club, what can I do?

Answer: As a volunteer club, there are always plenty of things to do. Please contact our office on 9284 2626 to learn more about volunteering.

Question: I'm moving interstate or overseas - what should I do?

Answer: Please contact the office on 9284 2626 or email to request an Expat membership application or leave of absence form. This form needs to be completed and submitted to the Board of Management for review.

Question: I would like to update my skills - where can I find out information about courses?

Answer: Please go to our Member Education section of the website. You can select the course you are interested in and complete your details. We will contact you once dates and information are finalised.

Question: What are the typical patrol tasks?

• Talking to members of the public about the local dangers including rips, dumping waves and reef hazards.
• Maintaining and repairing operational equipment such as rescue boards, oxy viva units, auditing first aid kits, cleaning of patrol area, cleaning patrol shed and IRB shed
• On the job training such as rehearsing radio scenarios, practicing DRSABCD, practising applying dressings, cleaning club vehicles, refueling IRB fuel stock.