Life Members

Our club has had many members in its history, who have contributed significantly or achieved great results. The list below are those whose association with North Cott has warranted Life Membership. Contributions of members are analysed regularly with prospective life member nominees forwarded to a Committee for consideration.

Note * refers to Life Members awarded prior to 1932

Year AwardedName
2021Jasmine Lamb
2021Brett Endersby
2019Karen Liggins
2019Lorna Wall
2019Sonja Belle-Wood
2018Clifford Ford
2018Nicholas Rea
2016Brian Sierakowski
2014Mark McDermott
2014Michael MacDermott
2011Craig Smith-Gander
2009Peter Driscoll
2009Simon Martin
2008Michael Beech
2008Renato Bruno
2006Alex McKenzie
2003Dennis Hawtin
2003Jack Alliss
2002Adrian Ridderhof
2002Nicholas Taylor
2000Jack Trail
1996Dot Shearer*
1996Tom Stewart*
1995Colin Chalmers*
1995Richad Meadmore
1986Lyn Girdlestone
1986Michael Flower
1985John Miller
1975Jerry Knowles*
1971Ken Porteous*
1969Max Carter*
1967Trevor Nicholas*
1966Bill Kidner*
1966Laurie Russell*
1963Don Grenville*
1961Richard Jeffrey*
1959Don Molyneux*
1958Bruce MacKenzie*
1958Don Host*
1958Graham Russell*
1958William Meadmore*
1951RJ Peacock*
1949Charles Pitman*
1949Reginald Meadmore*
1949Sam Law*
1946Edwrad Jaggard*
1944HA Walsh*
1943Keith McKinlay*
1943TH Johnston*
1939Jack Morton*
1937JW Gibbs*
1936AW Mell*
1936JCH James*
1932*AH Bryan*
1932*EG Madeley*
1932*John Rowbottom*
1932*John Smith (insp.)*
1932*Laurence Gadsdon (Sir)*
1932*WG Beckett*
1932*WM Beckett*
1932WF Graham*
* Deceased