Skills Maintenance Check (Requal)

To maintain your SLSA awards, all active and long service members must complete a Skills Maintenance Check prior to the 31st of December as per SLSA Policy and NCSLSC by-laws.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Financial member of the Surf Life Saving Club
  • Award must be current or have not expired for more than 3 years*

*any members that had not undertaken an SMC for 3 years or more would be required to complete the SMC on-line component and then undertake a skills assessment to determine what, if any, areas the member needed to undergo further training in to be assessed as competent.

Course Length:
Bronze Requal 2.5 – 3 hours
Surf Rescue Certificate Requal 2 hours
ARTC / ART (AID) Requal 1 hour
IRB Crew Requal minimum 30 minutes (depending on prevailing conditions)
IRB Driver Requal minimum 30 minutes (depending on prevailing conditions)

A list of all award SMC’s will be available at the beginning of the 2020/21 season.

To register for a SMC (Requal) please access the Training Events via the SLSA Members Portal.

Click HERE to access the SLSA Members Area.

For instructions on how to register, please click HERE.

Please note that the office is unable to see you SLSA Member Profile, you will need to contact the SLSA Helpdesk HERE if you are unable to reset your username / password.

Please note, as per last season if you do not attend your enrolled SMC you will be charged a $50 administration fee. You may not withdraw from a registered SMC less than 48 hours before the course as we have confirmed our trainers for this session.