North Cottesloe SLSC is extremely appreciative for the support from our partners. Please visit their sites and support them where possible. Our supporters are all involved at different levels with Major, Premier and Support sponsorships available. The packages are tailored to suit both parties with North Cottesloe dedicated to ensuring all partners are engaged with specific areas of the club.

Current Opportunities

An opportunity now exists for a potential partner with our IRB section. In the past year we trained up 11 new crew and 4 new drivers. This is in addition to re-qualifying the 135 members who already have their award. This enables us to have IRBs on the water for every patrol we offer, as well as coverage for water safety at events such as the Rottnest Channel swim.

Current Partners

Examples of the current partnerships the club has are:

Tim Roberts Giving, BGC, Shellabears, Toll, Swings & Roundabouts, Kwik, Euroz, Howard Park, Steinepries Paganin, Linneys, BDO, Flametrees, Sekem, Parry & Rosenthal Architects, Tottlepartners, Robert Half, Roobix, Finz, ProMotion Physio and Swanbourne Cellars.

The club is always interested in new partnerships. Please contact the General Manager Rick Smith for information regarding sponsorship of the club.

Major Sponsors


Premier Sponsors

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    Other Sponsors

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    • The Hills Cider Co web


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